Quest for Success

Qualifying students can be enrolled in a Quest for Success (Q4S) job training program which is administered on Nueva’s campus through the district’s Career Resource Department and paid for with district LCAP funds. Students attend an after school class 6 hours per week for six weeks receiving instruction on job skills, workplace expectations, employee expectations, and more.

Students obtain miscellaneous credits and are paid minimum wage for attending class. After attending class for six weeks, students are placed on a job site for 15 hours per week for an additional six weeks. Students can also receive monetary incentives for opening a bank account, earning good grades, participating in community volunteer service activities, and more.


Mentorship Programs

There is a growing body of research, including a study last year by America’s Promise Alliance, which found that students with social support are more likely to re-engage with school . Mentors provide consistent support outside of the home and serve a range of needs, from ensuring access to food and other basic resources to setting academic expectations. Nueva High School offers several mentoring opportunities.

  • AmeriCorps mentees receive a high quality mentoring to improve and strengthen positive choices and behaviors. Students involved with AmeriCorps are encouraged to volunteer to engage in activities to improve and strengthen their community.  This program is open to all students, but spots are limited.
  • Garden Pathways, Sisterhood Rising mentees are provided with opportunities to discover their unique purpose, activate their personal creativity, live in health and safety, and develop skills for success in life. Mentees receive the support necessary to effectively build skills of learning and living and to make positive life-impacting choices that benefit themselves and others. Garden Pathways is designed for male students while Sisterhood Rising has been developed for female students. Spots in both programs are limited.


Community Service

Nueva students have had the opportunity to perform volunteer community service at the Lamont School District, the Lamont Family Resource Center, the Lamont Boys and Girls Club, Christmas for Seniors, Sprinkling Happiness on Main street in Lamont, Dust Bowl Days with the Lamont Women’s Club, the Trunk or Treat Haunted House at Vineland School, Veteran’s Day BBQ at Camp Hamilton Memorial, Fall Harvest Festival, at Vineland School District, Las Posadaes Winter Program/Band Dinner and Pozole Cook Off at Vineland School District, Toys for Tots Distribution at the Lamont Weedpatch Family Resource Center, and the Graffiti Clean-up with Assembly member Rudy Salas, Supervisor Leticia Perez, Lamont Sheriff’s  Activities League, Bear Mountain Parks and Recreation Department, and Vineland School District.



Post-Secondary Plan

The post-secondary plan is in alignment with the goals and mission statement of Nueva.  Students meet with the business teacher to discuss career options, based on information the student has completed prior to the meeting.  The advisory meeting consists of discussing career options based on their interests. A primary task of this meeting is for students to have a realistic, initial roadmap to achieve their goals and to complete this task by graduation.  Follow up meetings are determined, based on need, academic year, and questions the students may have during the meeting.  Additionally, field trips are planned to local private and public colleges along with, job resource centers based on the students’ interests.


Bakersfield College Dual Enrollment

Nueva was the first continuation school in the KHSD to offer a course for dual college credit.  Students who are enrolled in Nueva’s Career Tech class are able to earn dual credit, as long as they complete necessary steps and requirements of the course.  


Field Trips/Career Opportunities

Students at Nueva have many opportunities to take part in field trips to private and public colleges, career oriented programs, and to participate in on-campus career fairs.  The staff at Nueva is committed to seeing students develop a post-secondary plan.  Nueva feels students must be committed to some course of action when they leave Nueva.  The staff will either take them to the opportunities or we will bring the opportunities to them.  Field trips this year have included, or will include, Bakersfield College, Taft College, Santa Barbara Business College, Regional Occupational Center, Bakersfield Adult School, F Street Health Careers, USC, California State University, Fresno, California State University, Northridge, University of California at Channel Islands, and others.