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Friday, October 16, 2020

Did you know: On October 16th Employees across the United States show appreciation and thankfulness to their bosses. They remember their boss’s kindness and fairness throughout the year, too. 
Today in History:  Walt Disney Company is founded
On October 16, 1923, Walt Disney and his brother Roy found the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in Hollywood, California. The studio, now known as the Walt Disney Company, has had an oversized impact on the entertainment industry and is now one of the largest media companies in the world.
Don't forget to stop by and see Mrs. Jackson and Sergio for lunch pick ups. You can now come and see them Monday through Friday, from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm! Meals are available to all children ages 2 to 18.
Quote of the day: “Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life and you’ll find that you have more of it.” —Ralph Marston
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