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Enrolling at Nueva High School may or may not have been your choice. However, the staff at Nueva is confident that you can reach your personal and educational potential if you are provided with the opportunity and the strategies to be successful.


Nueva High School serves a diverse population of students who are typically 16 to 18 years old. Younger students may be admitted into the Opportunity Program with the agreement of Nueva and the student’s home school. Typically, students enrolled at Nueva are behind in credits earned and are in danger of not graduating with their class. Students might have fallen behind because of personal illness, family issues, truancy, academic struggles, and more. Nueva offers each student a second chance for success. Students are welcomed into a caring, supportive community allowing them to feel valued, to build their self-confidence, and to help them feel self-assured about their future.


Students attending Nueva High School on a voluntary basis are allowed to return to their home school once they have caught up with credits. Students graduating from Nueva earn a Kern High School District diploma and are required to meet the same graduation requirements as students at a traditional high school. Eligible students are encouraged to participate in the Kern High School District’s Regional Occupational Program and the Quest for Success work training program. Nueva encourages students to enroll in the Career Beginnings course to discover post-secondary opportunities and for the opportunity to earn dual enrollment credit from Bakersfield College. Students will have the opportunity to meet mentors from the community, to volunteer in the local community, and to participate in leadership activities on and off campus.


Nueva High School students are able to earn credits more quickly than is possible at a traditional high school. Nueva has four grading periods per school year and students are able to earn up to 25 credits each grading period. Students are also able to earn credits by attending summer school, participating in Quest for Success, and by completing community service hours.


Each adult on campus is here to help students succeed and reach their goals. Whether a student plans to return to their home school, or to graduate from Nueva, we are here to help.


Attending Nueva is an alternative way of learning, not an alternative to learning.


Welcome to the Nueva family,


Mark E. Weir, Site Administrator