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School Policies


Nueva High School

Orientation for Student Expectations

Nueva High School’s staff is committed to creating a positive, rigorous learning environment for each student. The following school policies have been established to provide each student with the best chance of success while attending Nueva. Students are expected to treat one another and staff members with respect and courtesy.

 Any act of bullying will not be tolerated at Nueva.


Nueva High School exists with two primary goals in mind:

(1) Credit recovery (2) Preparing students for post-secondary success


Mission Statement of Nueva H.S.


Nueva High School fosters an environment that promotes students educational, vocational and personal success.  Staff, parents, and community resources are utilized to encourage students' academic achievement, self-worth, and independence. 

We strive to empower students to enter the work force or pursue postsecondary education and to be responsible and productive members of society.



Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)


Nueva High School Students Will:


Be Effective Communicators

  • Write clearly and coherently
  • Speak with a command of standard English
  • Use technology to research, organize, and present in an effective manner


Be Self-Directed Learners

  • Choosing to participate appropriately in academic achievement
  • Take initiative for your own learning
  • Work collaboratively


Demonstrate Academic Proficiency

  • Showing improvement in testing scores
  • Achieving passing grades in all classes


Be Responsible

  • Exhibit good attendance
  • Participate in school and community activities
  • Earn a minimum of 25 credits per semester






Attendance:  Daily attendance is important.  The amount of credit you earn and the quality of your grade will depend on your attendance. Attendance is taken each period.  Phones calls home are made each morning for absent students. Students may be required to have a doctor’s note if they have excessive absences. Nueva follows the KHSD policies and procedures for cuts and excessive absences.


Tardy: A student who arrives to school tardy must check in with the office and receive a late pass to class. A phone call to the parent will be made each morning a student is tardy. Tardy students may be subject to search. Habitual tardy students will be subject to parent/site administrator conferences or other measures of correction.


What to do when you’re absent

When you are absent, have your parent/guardian phone the school (845-1532) and inform Nueva about your absence.  A 24 hour message phone is available.  Your parent/guardian may leave the message in Spanish. Or, have your parent/guardian write a note giving the student's name, date of absence, reason for absents, their name, and the date.

Take responsibility for your attendance.

Dress Code:

  1. Nueva is a no head gear school. This includes beanies, hats, sweat bands, visors, and more. Hats may be left in the office and picked up after school.
  2. No bare midriffs, short, short skirts, or too revealing clothing. No sagging.
  3. No clothing that can be considered gang-related, profane, vulgar, or contains ethnic or racial references, or advertises/promotes sex, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol are allowed.
  4. The final decision whether or not clothing is acceptable rests with the site administrator.


Items not allowed on campus:

  1. Knives, lighters, or any items that could be construed as a weapon.
  2. Laser pen or devices, marking pens, permanent markers or ink pens.
  3. Skateboards are to be left in the office or in a classroom.


Bus Transportation: students riding the bus are expected to follow all policies and procedures of the Kern High School District. Being allowed to ride the bus is a privilege and a student could be removed from the bus for behavior issues.  

Parking: Parking is provided for students.  Your enrollment in school is your permit to use the campus parking lot. 

Counseling Services: Counseling for any need you might have is handled by the school counselor, community specialist, intervention specialist, outside counseling, or the site administrator.  Other staff members can also be helpful sources of information and assistance.  Students are encouraged to seek help.

Credits and Grading: Credit is earned after the completion of assigned assignments.  Grades are based on the teacher's class objectives.  No "F" grades are given for semester grades but you might earn no credits and an “NG” will appear on your transcript.  Any questions about credits or grades can be asked of the site administrator, school secretary, the counselor, or teachers.

Telephone Calls and Messages: Phone messages for students will be taken from parents/guardians only.  Students will be allowed to make phone calls during non-class time.  This means before, after school, and during break and lunch. Teachers may allow the use of cell phones during class. Confiscated phones will be picked up in the office by a parent- unless it is your first infraction.

Damage to School Property: The student, parent, or guardian may be required to pay for any intentional damage to school property.

Drugs and Alcohol: Students in possession, under the influence, caught using alcohol or any other controlled substance are subject to discipline up to, and including expulsion.

Food or Drinks in Class: Whether or not you are allowed to eat or drink in the classroom is left to the policy of each teacher. Students will not be allowed to eat or drink when working on computers or Chromebooks.

Fog Delay: Nueva High School will be on a delay when Arvin High School is.

Graduation: Graduation is held twice per year at the Harvey Auditorium at Bakersfield High School. Your counselor will be in contact with you to discuss your transcripts and projected graduation date.

Honor Roll: Each semester students who earn a 3.0, or higher, GPA are placed on an honor roll and are invited to participate in an off-campus activity.

Illness at School: If you get sick while at school, the office will contact your parents. Do not leave campus without permission.

Leaving Class: Students need the teacher's permission to leave the classroom and must carry a hall pass.

Breakfast and Lunch: Lunch and breakfast is available for students each school day.  If you were on the free or reduced lunch program at your home school, you will continue to be at Nueva. New forms must be completed each school year to remain eligible for free or reduced lunch. Each student is to clean up after themselves. Nueva does not allow students to receive food from off-campus during the lunch period.

Paper and Pencil: Each student is expected to have paper and pencil each school day.  Each student will receive a binder, pencils, and paper when they enroll. If you need replacements, ask someone in the office and we will get you what you need.

Passing Periods: Students are expected to go immediately to their next class. Students will not be allowed out of class the first ten minutes or final ten minutes of the period.

Progress Reports: Progress reports showing how well a student is doing in each class can be requested by a student or parent.  Often the site administrator or counselor will send around a progress report and have a meeting with a student about credits, grades, or general attitude.  Teachers will complete deficiency notices for each student each semester if they are in danger of not passing a class.

Requesting to see the Site Administrator or Counselor: Any student who wants speak with the site administrator or counselor during class should ask his/her teacher for permission. Unless it’s an emergency, students will be encouraged to visit the office during the break or lunch period to minimize time out of class.

Report Cards: Report cards are mailed home at the end of each semester.

School Awards: A special awards ceremony is held each spring to honor those students who have distinguished themselves and their school by their leadership. Nueva also hosts a Student of the Month luncheon, recognizes students for weekly and monthly perfect attendance, for earning a 3.0, or higher, GPA, and more.

School Colors:  The official school colors of Nueva High School are navy blue and gold.

School Emblem: The official emblem of Nueva High School is a Knight of Honor.

Behavior Contract: In cases when a student's behavior has been continually poor, a student may be placed on a behavior agreement. This action will require a parent/student/Site Administrator conference.

Special Events: Guest speakers, field trips, or athletic events may be planned during the school year.  On occasions, special parental permission forms will be sent home to allow students to participate.

Student Issues: If you have a disagreement with another student, let an adult help you with it. Treat one another, and staff members, with respect.

Snack Cart: Snacks and drinks are sold during the break and lunch period. Sale profits are used to pay for student activities.

Variable Credit: Students at Nueva earn variable credit based on productive performance. A student must earn five or ten credits in a class to fulfill the graduation requirement. 

Opportunities to Earn Credits: There are numerous ways for students to earn credits towards graduation:

  1. Enrollment in the ROC Program allows a student to earn up to 15 units a semester while also learning occupational skill
  2. Seniors who have a history of good attendance may be able to attend classes at Bakersfield Adult School while attending classes at Nueva
  3. Students who are deficient in credits should also enroll in summer school classes.
  4. Seniors may inquire about the Discovery program
  5. Quest for Success WIA Program
  6. Work Experience
  7. Volunteer Community Service


Work Permits:  Any person under 18 years of age must have a work permit, unless working for a parent, to be legally employed.  Work permits are issued in the office.  Students must have strong attendance and passing each class with a “C” or better to receive, and keep, a work permit.

ID Cards: Students will receive one free Nueva ID card.ll

Medications: Students must have the Medication Authorization paperwork completed, including a doctor’s note, in order to take any medication at school. An EPI Pen and inhaler are the only medications that students are allowed to carry with them. This includes over the counter medications as well.

Student Debts: Students are responsible for paying any debts and/or returning text books to their home school before being allowed to participate in any graduation ceremony or receiving their diploma. .